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รีวิวจากน้อง Supanut เรียนที่ Suffolk University

My name is Supanut Klanruangsaeng. My friends call me Sun. I’m currently studying Master of Science in Communications, majoring in Integrated Marketing Communication at Suffolk University in Boston, United States. I graduated from Assumption University in Business Administration, majored in Marketing and Advertising. After graduated, I worked in a marketing communication job for two years until I had the experience and desired to pursue higher education in the marketing world.

I was generously and professionally assisted by the Education for Life (EFL) staff, P’Fern, P’Will, and P’Bee, from the beginning, and along the way to the University in Boston.

They always help me find the useful information about the excellent universities and programs, suggest the helpful guidelines (especially during COVID-19), and answer the panty of questions for the one who has zero knowledge about studying abroad like me. I felt confident with the excellent team of EFL.

Ever since I tapped, in the US, the most challenging thing was a cultural difference, especially American classroom culture, which encourage participation and discussion in the classroom. It was a big difference between Thai and American culture. At that point, I have tried to participate, discuss, talk, and express my opinion toward the topic and lessons. I always sit at the front of the classroom as I thought it would be easier to participate than sitting at the back. Eventually, I made it to the last semester (Fall 2020), and I enjoyed studying in the most experience American classroom culture that I can’t find it here in Thailand.

Moreover, the INTO-Pathway program helped me getting ready for the classroom environment, get to know my classmates, and adapt myself to the American cultures. Meanwhile, I could get the credits; therefore, I didn’t waste my time. I would like to thank all INTO-Pathway professors and INTO staff who had the patience and professional advisory to all the international students in the semester. They are accommodating and make us get through a difficult time in studying that shape us into stronger and more quality ones.

For those who want to study abroad, I would suggest Suffolk University. Not only the higher education and knowledge you will get from the long experience professors, but also you will get the most precious American classroom and a life-time experience for yourself. I can say studying at Suffolk University is not easy because of its high standard. Still, you will not feel depressed at all because they have the professional team and staff who always hands their help, support, and make you get through it quickly. I’m so impressed and grateful that I go to Suffolk University as my master’s degree.

สอบถามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมได้ที่โทร 02-129-3215 | 091-742-5900 LINE ID :: @EFLNA

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อ่านข้อมูลเรียนต่อปริญญาโท Suffolk University Click!!
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